About Fellowship Ahoy!

cropped-FSA_LOGO1.pngFellowship Ahoy! is a research project funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, exploring the role self-leadership, and how a researcher’s professional networks are used in securing a fellowship award. The project was granted ethical approval by the University of Sheffield on 3rd October 2014.

Dr Kay Guccione is the project leader and is joined by Bryony Portsmouth, Researcher Professional Development Team Leader, and Matt Risby, Filmmaker, who form the project team.

Securing a research fellowship award is a highly competitive process and portion of success in gaining a fellowship is often written off as simply being lucky. This project seeks to stir up some deeper thinking in research fellows, around how they developed their CV, profile, and professional networks, in order to maximise their chances of success. We will overlap this with the reflections of university staff who support fellowship applicants, aiming to characterise the experience of gaining independent funding.

We focus on self-leadership moments – that is, times when you went the extra mile, reached out, made it happen, didn’t wait for permission. The foresight and ability to form productive, collaborative, and supportive networks is an element of self-leadership worthy of particular focus. We aim to evidence how becoming ‘independent’ is dependent on becoming more, not less, connected. Who’s in your network, what role do they play, how important are they to you?

This blog aims to be both a means of collecting fellowship stories, and a source of personal stories for aspiring fellows, and future applicants.

So, if you are a research fellow, please have a read of the study information sheet available here, and share your fellowship story on the main blog page. Comments are moderated so that we can ensure anonymity for everyone involved.


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